EcoBurner Training

Click on the link below to watch an instruction video on how to use the EcoBurner. 

Test you knowledge by taking the EcoBurner Training Test.

Download and print the Standard Operating Procedures and display it near where the EcoBurners are stored in your hotel. This helps remind staff how to handle them correctly.

A full instruction leaflet is also available to download.

If you want to discuss anything EcoBurner relation in more details, fill in the form below to arrange a zoom call with our team! 

Training with Adrian

Learn how to use the EcoBurner and hear about all its great features and benefits, nicely demonstrated by Adrian!

EcoBurner Instructions

Watch the video or download the SOP or Instruction Sheet to learn how to use EcoBurner.

EcoBurner Instruction Video

EcoBurner Training Test

Test your knowledge to make sure you can operate an EcoBurner safely!

Do you need further training or want to chat in more detail?

Use this form to book a zoom meeting with John and he can give you some technical guidance on any aspect of EcoBurner at a time that suits you.