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Now you can reduce WATER, WASTE and CARBON by using the EcoBurner to power Eastern Tabletop products!

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  • Environmental Benefits

    Zero Water

    Water is a precious resource anywhere you go and hotels use vast amounts every day. Switching to an EcoServe buffet completely eliminates the need for water as it uses hotplate technology instead of relying on water pans to disperse the heat.

    If a hotel is using traditional chafing dishes, they require at least two litres of water per chafing dish, every service. This water needs to be transported to the buffet area, heated to temperature and then disposed of after service. It takes up a lot of staff hours and wastes heating fuel in the process. EcoServe eliminates all this so saves the water, saves on the fuel needed to heat the water and saves staff hours handling the water.

    Save water

    Save energy heating water

    Save staff hours handling water

    drop of water, drop, impact

    1 EcoBurner can = 18 (2-hour) chafing fuel pots

    Zero Waste

    Hotels that use gel or wick chafing fuels for their buffets need to dispose of the pots at the end of each service. There is left-over chemicals at the end of these pots that are very difficult to remove so pots and the unused chafing fuel often end up in landfill. This is detrimental to the environment. EcoBurner is different. 

    The EcoBurner is refillable so every last drop of fuel is used and each EcoBurner fuel can holds the equivalent of 18 two-hour gel pots. The EcoBurner fuel cans are recyclable which means there is zero waste when you switch to EcoBurner.  Even if the cans are not recycled, it is still a massive reduction in waste to landfill.

    Less Carbon

    Every hotel is aware of the need to reduce their carbon emissions and their hotel guests are becoming more eager to do so too. Carbon reduction is a huge deal in the travel industry and guests are happy to see systems that reduce carbon every step of their journeys. EcoBurner can help by reducing carbon emissions at the buffet by up to 78%.

    We work with Carbon Footprint Ltd. to analyse and compare carbon emissions using EcoBurner fuel compared to gel and wick chafing fuels and induction buffets. The latest comparison study in December 2020 showed that in a typical three-hour catering event, EcoBurner emitted just 159 gCO2e while ethanol gel was 723 gCO2e. This is a 78% decrease in carbon emissions if you switch to EcoBurner fuel instead of Ethanol. Please email info@ecoburner.com for the full report.

    Demonstrate your WATER, WASTE & CARBON savings

    Get Certified!

    To receive a certificate of environmental savings gained from switching to the EcoBurner system, simply fill in this form telling us how many cases of EcoBurner fuel you have used at your property so far and which heating method you previously used.

    If you are using WATERLESS chafing dishes (EcoServe or EcoPan), for us to calculate savings, we need to know how many waterless units are in use and and for how long.

    We will then verify your usage, calculate the savings and send you a certificate that you can display at your property to demonstrate savings.

    Fill in this form to get certified.....