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  • Chef William, FLIK Hospitality Group

    FLIK Hospitality Group – EcoBurner trial

    FLIK Hospitality Group, a part of Compass Group, is a leading corporate hospitality provider dedicated to providing great food through great service, all with wellness and sustainability at the heart of their operating philosophy.


    The FLIK team were seeking a more consistent and sustainable system to heat their buffets as the single-use gel pots they were using often delivered inconsistent heat and were not suitable for outdoors.

    For their initial test, Chef William and Matthew Evans, Director of Food and Beverage, decided to switch from their single use gels & wicks to EcoBurner to cater for 250 people at an outdoor event.


    Challenges of Gels:

    • Inconsistent heat
    • Not suitable for outdoors
    • Hugely wasteful & hard to dispose

    Benefits of EcoBurner:

    • Consistent, adjustable heat
    • Refillabe so ZERO WASTE
    • More cost-effective
    • Saved $90.18 (59%) on fuel from 1 buffet event!

    The Outdoor Event

    The 3-day event used 18 vessels (9 large & 9 small) for 3 hours per day.

    81 gel pots required
    (2 under each large vessel = 18 per day. 1 per small vessel = 9 per day)
    Total = 27 pots needed per day X 3 days = 81 gel pots
    18 EcoBurners required
    (1 EcoBurner under every vessel burning 3hrs. per day)
    54 hours EcoBurner fuel per day
    X 3days = 162 hrs. EcoBurner fuel
    Fuel Cost = $153.90
    $1.90 per 4-hour pot X 81 pots
    Fuel Cost = $63.72
    $14.16 per 36-hour can
    81 pots containing toxic waste going to landfillZero fuel wasted and only 4.5 recyclable cans used
    Inconsistent heat that staff needed to check as flame extinguishes easily outdoorsConsistent radiant heat that’s windproof and adjustable so was reliable outdoors

    As a result of the trial, FLIK was able to find a reusable, sustainable solution that met their standards and ensured proper food safety and consistency throughout the entire event.

    Chef William Pfeiffer

    Executive Chef & Beekeeper, FLIK Hospitality Group

    “With a traditional gel or wick, you get one single heat source that wants to heat whatever is directly above it, but with EcoBurner, you get an adjustable radiant heat with no burn spots ”

    “Overall the entire food and beverage team agrees we would like to move forward with using the EcoBurners as a replacement to wick sternos. We look forward to our transition from wick sternos and becoming a more sustainable property.”

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