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  • Kensington Golf & Country Club, Florida

    Old School Sterno Is a Thing of the Past

    As the Executive Chef at Kensington Golf & Country Club, we do our fair share of buffets for our members and I always found traditional Sterno to be wasteful and dangerous.

    When Randy Hignight, my EcoBurner Sales Rep, demonstrated the EcoBurner Fuel System, a lightbulb went off.  Throughout my 30+ years career, I always thought the traditional Sterno was such a waste in many ways and here is why:

    On windy days, the traditional old school Sternos are easily blown out resulting in the need to make a tin foil wind barrier to keep the food hot, which makes the buffet look shabby.   Additionally, don’t forget you’re now wasting foil.

    Another downside to using traditional Sternos is the wasted fuel.  The fuel never gets completely used from one buffet to the next so, rather than risk having to change fuel mid-buffet, it is easier to dispose of the unused fuel and start with new every time.  As a result, a lot of fuel is being wasted, as much as 30-50%, along with the aluminum can waste.

    There is always a risk of fire with traditional Sternos.  If they get tipped over, you will have a fire on your hands in no time.

    Lastly, as the Sterno are being used, they become extremely hot, posing a risk of burn when changing the fuel in the middle of service.

    When I first saw the EcoBurners, I said, “Now here’s a solution to an industry problem”.

    1. No more fuel waste because every bit is used.
    2. They are easily refillable.
    3. Less waste in the landfill from all the aluminum fuel cans and foil.
    4. Two settings on the EcoBurners for more flexibility.
    5. They work on windy days because they don’t blow out.
    6. Minimal burn risk because the EcoBurner does not get hot.
    7. Lasts a lot longer than traditional Sterno.
    8. Low risk of fire because of the safety valve, which shuts off the gas when they are tipped over.
    9. Easily filled and stored for the next use.

    I highly recommend using EcoBurners because they are efficient, they cut down on landfill waste, they are better for our environment, and they are very safe and easy to use.

    Ralph C. Feraco CEC, AAC


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