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Ahora puede reducir el AGUA, los RESIDUOS y el CARBONO utilizando el EcoBurner para alimentar los productos de Eastern Tabletop.

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    El kit incluye 1x base de acero inoxidable pulido WATERLESS EcoServe GN, 1x tapa de cristal reforzado y 1x plato dividido en dos partes, la grande tiene una capacidad de 145 onzas líquidas y la pequeña de 59 onzas líquidas.

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    Kit includes 1x Polished Stainless Steel WATERLESS EcoServe GN base, 1x Reinforced Glass Lid and 1x Divided Dish with two parts, large side has a capacity of 145 fl oz., smaller side is 59 fl oz
    A WATERLESS buffet presentation system that offers hotels and banqueting venues many benefits. By using hotplate technology instead of water pans, EcoServe completely eliminates the need for water so staff don’t waste energy filling, heating or transporting water to and from the buffet. This speeds up set-up and breakdown saving countless staff hours while improving the safety of staff and guests as there’s no more steam or boiling water to avoid. Combine the EcoServe base with a lid and a food pan makes it simple for venues to switch to a WATERLESS buffet with everything they need included in this combination.