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Now you can reduce WATER, WASTE and CARBON by using the EcoBurner to power Eastern Tabletop products!

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  • EcoBurner’s sustainable buffet equipment at NRA 2022!

    sustainable buffet equipment

    The National Restaurant Association Show, NRA returned this year after a two-year hiatus much to the delight of the hospitality industry across the US. Held in Chicago from 21st to the 24th May, it was where Eastern Tabletop introduced EcoBurner’s sustainable buffet equipment as part of their newest offering.

    As more hotels seek ways to advance thier green and sustainability agendas, Eastern Tabletop are now offering an easy way to reduce CARBON emissions and eliminate WATER completely from the buffet. WATERLESS chafing dishes are now available to purchase through Eastern Tabletop. Their partnership with EcoBurner will elevate Easterns’ green initiatives and complement their ZOZZ Modular Flat Pack and Hub Buffet System. While EcoBurner, will benefit from Eastern Tabletop’s vast distribution network throughout the US. This is enabling hotels to take advantage of the sustainable products EcoBurner offers to help achieve their green goals.

    Some of the EcoBurner team travelled to Chicago to lend a hand at the Eastern stand showcasing EcoBurners’ sustainable buffet equipment. Adrian, John and Derek frfom EcoBurner didn’t get a moments rest as most people visiting the stand were interested to hear all about the sustainable buffet equipment on show and the lads were only too happy to show and tell.

    sustainable buffet equipment
    Adrian & John at the Eastern Tabletop stand at NRA

    EcoBurner’s core product, the EcoBurner is a refillable burner used to heat buffets instead of traditional gel or wick products. Now venues across the US can choose EcoBurner to heat the high-quality chafing dishes and coffee urns they know and love from Eastern Tabletop. The EcoBurner is refillable, so every last drop of fuel is used, as opposed to traditional gel chafing pots that leave toxic product in the bottom of every pot going to a landfill. That’s 18 single-use pots per can of EcoBurner fuel. In addition to being refillable, the EcoBurner fuel cans are recyclable. This means there is zero waste when you switch to EcoBurner.

    Sustainable buffet equipment is the way forward for hotels and EcoBurner provides an easy way to switch to more sustainable systems. To learn more about how Eastern Tabletop are bringing sustainable buffet equipment to the US hospitality Industry, watch this video:

    You can also visit Eastern Tabletops’ website www.easterntabletop.com to learn more about sustainable buffet equipment.

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