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Now you can reduce WATER, WASTE and CARBON by using the EcoBurner to power Eastern Tabletop products!

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  • Welcome to EcoBurner Support for Disney Cast Members!

    3-step Process

    To learn how to use the EcoBurner or if you’re EcoBurner is not working, follow this 3-Step process.

    EcoBurner Instructions

    Watch the video or download the Instruction Sheet to learn how to use EcoBurner.

    EcoBurner Instruction Video

    Standard Operating Procedures (SOP)

    For best practice, this poster is available as a sticker and should be placed near where the EcoBurners are stored at the venue. 

    EZFill Prototype

    The EZFill is a protype product that is used to help staff refill EcoBurners. The EcoBurner fuel can is aligned with the filling nozzle and staff then pull down the lever for an easier way to refill EcoBurner.

    Watch the video for instrucions for use

    Do you know how to operate an EcoBurner?

    Take the test. Get certified!

    Thanks for choosing to use EcoBurner, the SAFER, CLEANER and GREENER buffet system. Now you can stop using single-use gels or wicks and use the refillable, portable EcoBurner instead for a more sustainable solution to heating the buffet.