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  • Crowne Plaza, Dublin Airport


    The Crowne Plaza at Dublin airport is a 209-room hotel that is used by travellers using the airport but also boasts large business conference rooms and provides a tranquil atmosphere overlooking a leafy park. The management team at the hotel heard about the health and safety benefits of EcoBurner and started using the system in January 2018.


    A breakfast buffet is served every morning using EcoBurner at the Crowne Plaza to keep dishes warm and EcoServe along with custom-fit Figgjo porcelain dishes are being used sporadically to bring a new look to their buffet set-up.


    Health & safety is a huge concern to management at the Crowne Plaza and staff there had concerns about the risk of fire from the DEG gel chafing fuel pots they were using so looked into alternatives. EcoBurner gave them peace of mind that the burners had built-in safety devices that would kick in if needed and reduced their fear of spilled chemicals causing harm.

    With hospitality taking a turn towards sustainability everywhere, by using EcoBurner at the Crowne Plaza, the carbon savings and 219 KG reduction in waste is a massive play towards the Crowne Plaza’s sustainability goals and that’s only in year one.


     ‘…since we started using EcoBurners instead of gel pots I feel it is a safer working environment for our staff and we are delighted with our contribution towards the reduction of carbon emissions’

    Karolina Banska, Food & Beverage Manager at the Crowne Plaza, Dublin Airport


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