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Now you can reduce WATER, WASTE and CARBON by using the EcoBurner to power Eastern Tabletop products!

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  • About EcoBurner

    Who Are EcoBurner

    EcoBurner are based in Ireland. They offer a range of eco-friendly buffet equipment but their core product is the EcoBurner, a patented product of excellent engineering that has evolved to become one of the safest, portable buffet heating solutions available worldwide.

    Their mission is to make buffets better!

    A Few Words From EcoBurner About

    Our Mission

    To improve the quality of buffet services around the world and reduce buffets’ impact on the environment.

      We want to eliminate water usage and replace single-use gel and wick pots with the EcoBurner system that is the safer and more sustainable option. We believe that these gel or wick chafing fuel pots have no place in the modern hospitality environment as they can be dangerous to handle, toxic to the environment and create vast amounts of unnecessary waste. 

    We are striving to fulfil our mission by providing buffet systems that are contemporary in style and make it easier for chefs to create premium displays of buffet with our flexible designs.

    Core Values

    Our core values are safety, protection of the environment and care for our global community of partners, customers and staff.

    These are ingrained in all that we do as we listen carefully and develop the best buffet products that hotels and their guests around the world are seeking.

    EcoBurner is in 60+ countries

    EcoBurner products are available in over 60 countries worldwide which are highlighted below. As more hotels experience the benefits of using EcoBurner, their sustainable buffet systems are being seen more and more every day!